Window Cleaning

A streak free cleaning of all your high and low windows and frames.  Hard water deposits will be cleaned as well.  All solar or regular screens will be removed, scrubbed and power washed.

Are your windows overdue for cleaning?
Neglecting window cleaning over a few years can permanently stain your windows and screens from lime scale deposits.

Yearly window maintenance is essential in keeping your windows looking like new for many years to come.  You may be surprised how an interior and exterior window cleaning can raise the overall cleanliness of your home or put that finishing touch on an already clean home.

Caution will be taken while in your home and interior windows will be cleaned with a professionalism that is unmatched.  Exterior window screens will be removed carefully, scrubbed and pressure washed.  Windows high and low will be cleaned along with the window frames.   Let Home Maid take care of maintaining your windows and keep them steak free and sparkling all year long.

Window Cleaning


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